Artakt provides consultancy services for:

Museums, Galleries and Research Institutions
Artakt has a wealth of experience in devising and realising permanent, touring and temporary exhibitions both nationally and internationally, primarily in the areas of art, science and culture. Our team of specialists provide a complete curatorial service including research and selection of historic or contemporary exhibits, locate and negotiate loans, and collaborate with artists as required. We work closely with architects and designers to towardds the realisation of high quality exhibitions using innovative display techniques.

Artakt endeavours to promote public understanding of the visual and performative in art, science and culture through a broad range of activities. All our projects have a strong research component, reaching above and beyond the exhibition through lectures and academic publications.

Private Individuals
Artakt provides a highly personalised, confidential service offering individuals advice on the acquisition of art as well as creating, extending and maintaining art collections. This includes research into provenance, history, origin and authorship.
We offer private individuals the opportunity to meet artists and access high quality artworks. Our team of experts offer specialist advice on subjects from Old Master paintings to modern and contemporary artworks.

Corporate Clients
Artakt provides advice on all aspects of corporate art collecting, including research, acquisition and conservation.

The Artakt team has a wealth of experience in working with artists at different levels in their career, offering a range of curatorial and project management services. We can assist in securing exhibition venues, curating, writing funding applications, making contacts with patrons, collectors and organisation.