Lens On Life: Lunch Time Talks

4 February, 13.00 to 14.00 | 11 February, 11.00 to 12.00 | 18 February, 13.00 to 14.00

Free Entry | Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins

Professor Rob Kesseler, UAL Chair of Arts Design & Science, the curators and the artists currently exhibiting in the Lens On Life exhibition will host three lunchtime tours, focusing on specific aspects of the exhibition. For full details, please visit Central Saint Martins’ events webpage.

Ashmolean Director’s Lecture Series: Caterina Albano

16th February 2012

The Ashmolean Director’s Lectures programme brings you a line-up of speakers who are leading experts in art, history and cultural studies. The 2013 programme opens with one of the world’s most distinguished historians. In February, Dr Caterina Albano from Central Saint Martins School of Art will talk about her new title, Fear and Art in the Contemporary World.

Talk/Performance: Elena Cologni: L’Elastico

15 November / 6.30pm / Free

Caterina Albano will introduce an artist’s talk/performance by Elena Cologni at MK Gallery: a conclusive event of a site-specific series of tours of the city, according to its inhabitants’ memories in relation to specific locations. For more information click here.

The Art of Anatomy

28 June 2012, 19.00–20.30
Wellcome Collection, London

To be an artist during the Renaissance was, for many, to be an anatomist. Is this still true today? And do Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings have any relevance to contemporary medical practice? Speakers: Peter Abrahams, Professor of Clinical Anatomy, Warwick Medical School; Stephen Farthing, Rootstein Hopkins Professor of Drawing, University of the Arts London & Marina Wallace, Director of Artakt, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. For more information click here

Ackroyd and Harvey: State of Nature

Convened by Dr Caterina Albano for the Monday Lecture Programme Central Saint College of Arts and Design, in association with the Art, Science and Technology Research Group

Monday 27th February, 6:30 pm, KX E002

Artists Ackroyd & Harvey will discuss recent and forthcoming projects, with reference to their commission for a major public artwork for London 2012 and their more intimate gallery-based works. The presentation will include an in depth look at the overlaps between aesthetics, ecology, science and politics in their practice.


Caterina Albano, Key note paper: Fear and Place

Symposium Central St Martins. London. Friday 10 February 2012

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Half-Day Symposium

19 November 2011, 3–6pm

Artist Shona Illingworth will be joined by cognitive neuro-psychologist Professor Martin A. Conway, a leading expert on human memory, writer and curator Caterina Albano, and writer, curator and artist Alfredo Cramerotti for an afternoon of screenings and discussions at Modern Art Oxford that explore notions of memory in relation to scientific insight and the politics of location and conflict. This half-day symposium, Memory / Sound / Image, has been organised by the Gallery to complement the current exhibition Kerry Tribe: Dead Star Light, which explores themes of memory, ambiguity and doubt.

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Cafe Curio: For One Night Only

Camden Arts Centre

15 June 2011, 7–8.30 pm

‘Memory Believes Before Knowing Remembers’ William Faulkner
This edition will focus on the work of Robert Whitman alongside Kerry Tribe, looking at the use of technology and innovation within art to reach wider audiences through creative use of formats and disciplines.
Speakers include Caterina Albano, research fellow and curator for Artakt at Central Saint Martins’ College of Art and Design and Nicola Triscott, founder and Director of the Arts Catalyst. Both will express their position in relation to the intersection of art and science, and the importance of such collaborations.
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Curating Science

Caterina Albano: Art-object/Science-object: a narrative of curating

Wellcome/Kingston Curating Science Conference, Wellcome Collection, 6 May 2011

Curating Science brings together curators and communicators from museums, galleries and new sites of engagement to explore the role of science in cultural practice. For further information please click here.


Media Art – The Media and the Message by Peter Cornwell, convened by Caterina Albano

5pm – 6.30pm, Wednesday 11 May 2010
Conference Room, Innovation Centre, Southampton Row, WC1B 4AP

The increasing rate of change of technology development, and in particular visual media, tends to breach boundaries between historic art disciplines – leaving in their place evolving metamedia whose objects, moving imagery and installations contingent on time and place disrupt not only previous notions of artistic practice, but also blur the distinction between cultural and commercial production. The evolution of human-computer interfaces is central to this process.

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The Unconscious: Psychoanalysts in conversation

18 March 2011, 5–6.30pm

In conjunction with the exhibition Psychoanalysis: The Unconscious in Everyday Life curated by Dr Caterina Albano leading psychoanalysts David Bell, Leon Kleimberg and Michael Parsons discuss the role of the unconscious in relation to culture, the uncanny and the creative processes.

While the uncanny has been reclaimed by artists and critics as a key referent to contemporary experience, creativity in its conscious and non-conscious processes is equally at the forefront of a debate encompassing the arts and psychological sciences. In this conversation the speakers will reflect upon the unconscious aspects of these topics adding original psychoanalytical perspectives.

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Listen again: Brainwaves: The Unconscious: Psychoanalysts in conversation

Curating Art with Science in Mind

Lecture by Prof Marina Wallace at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), London.

11 February 2011

Artakt has for 10 years conceived and curated exhibitions at the cross over between art and science. Art and science have become increasingly separate disciplines since the middle of the 19th century, and have recently started to see each other as relevant to the other in a number of ways.
A series of groundbreaking and spectacular exhibitions have been put together by Prof Marina Wallace and her team in Artakt that reflect the current climate, and bring together artists and scientists, historical and contemporary material, institutions in the field of art and those specialised in the sciences, communicating to the public at large, concepts that matter to all.

Exploring the invisible at the Royal Institution

Anne Brodie, Simon Park and Caterina Albano

Talk and opening Thurs 4th Nov 7–8.30pm
Bioluminescent bacteria are widely used in scientific research, usually as internal markers. By inverting this practice and employing bacteria as an external light source; objects and bodies, surfaces and skin were exposed to the blue green, ethereal glow of the living bacteria, establishing new points of contact and visual punctures. What is usually seen under the lens of the microscope is the source of light that reveals the features of human bodies. The images restage the long exposure of the camera lens in the improbable and at times disquieting bioluminescence that gradually fades as the bacteria die. Brodie’s lens quietly captures the ineffableness of life’s formation and the fleeting reality of subjectivity. In her photographs, the air is black but not because it is night. The hour does not matter. Bodies are exposed as if on a laboratory slide.

The project began in 2008 in a purpose made ‘bioluminescent photographic booth’ in a cupboard behind the Lecture theatre at the Royal Institution, with photographic portraits of the staff of the Ri and eminent professors including Lord Krebs, Richard Ashcroft, Marcus Du Sautoy, Chris Mason and Christopher Rapley. It formed part of the exhibition Crossing Over: Exchanges in Art, Science and Biotechnologies curated by Artakt, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London. This new exhibition sees the work return to the Ri, this time out of the cupboard.

Relics of the Mind

Katharine Dowson, Sculptor, in conversation with Volker Sommer, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, UCL

Wednesday 20th October 2010, 7pm
GV Art, 49 Chiltern Street, London W1U 6LY

Does memory create identity? Volker Sommer, the renowned academic and author hosted an artist’s talk with Katharine Dowson at GV Art. The Sculptor discussed her work in the exhibition Relics of the Mind, its influences and intentions.


Mirror Neurones

11 May 2010
Conference Room, Innovation Centre, Central Saint Martins

Prof Vittorio Gallese, neuroscientist talks about mirror neurones. Introduced by Prof Marina Wallace
(Artakt, CSM)

Drawing Out

7–9 April 2010
Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Drawing Out is a creative collaboration between RMIT University and the University of the Arts London. Drawing Out is a trans-disciplinary conference. It explores drawing across the boundaries of disciplines. It addresses drawing as a way of thinking and communicating in the twenty-first century.

Marina Wallace, keynote speaker

Galileo Galileo

What does Science get from Art?

3 December 2009

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy (IYA), and this project has created an opportunity for three artists, Doug Burton, Isambard Poulson and Iwona Abrams to produce and exhibit work inspired by astronomy. The evening explored the connection between the disciplines and presented works by artists. Read more …

Chaired by Prof. Marina Wallace and co-ordinated by Andy Charalambous, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL.

Move Me On event

9 June 2009
Dana Centre, Science Museum

This event asked how we can look at dance in a scientific way and what dancers have to say about this.
Marina Wallace and Nicky Ellis, choreographer, The Place Contemporary Dance School. Chaired by Dr Peter Lovatt, Principal Lecturer and Reader, University of Hertfordshire. For more information click here.

Creative Community

29 March 2009
DANA Centre

How does the brain interpret art? An assortment of artists and scientists explore how the brain understands music, language, touch and the visual.
Marina Wallace, Artakt, CSM, Prof Semir Zeki, UCL; Professor Lois Weaver, Queen Mary University of London; Richard Thomas, Artist; Vasco Hexel, Royal College of Music; Chaired by Dr Richard Wingate, King’s College London.

Creative Brains

12 March 2009
DANA Centre

What does creativity look like? Neuroscientists, improvisational musicians and visual artists discuss this elusive process using imaging techniques to help visualise the creative brain. Demonstrations from artists and musicians provided an insight into the creative process in action.

Annie Cattrell, artist; Mehmet Husseyin, singer; Morten Kringelbach, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University; Joseph Leach, Research assistant, Psychology Department, Goldsmiths University of London; Marina Wallace, Director of Artakt, Central St Martin’s School of Art; Tony Steffert, Departent of Psychology, Goldsmiths University of London; Emily Morris, Drum Blondes. Chaired by Harry Witchel, Senior lecturer in Physiology, Brighton and Sussex Medical School.