Keeping Time Again (the making of) from Tamarin Norwood on Vimeo.


An exchange between visual and sound artists from the UK and Italy.

Artists: Tamarin Norwood (UK) & Rosella Rubini (IT); Dagmar Schurrer (UK) & Maria Crispal (IT).

ArtEx is a 12 month collaboration between BM Idea (Teramo) and Artakt, CSM (London) funded by the EU ‘Giovani Protagonisti’ scheme.

A residency took place in Teramo between the 5 March – 15 March and culminated with a workshop at the MAXXI in Rome on the 17th March. The final works produced as a result of this residency/exchange will be shown at events in Teramo, 31 May 2013 and London, 7 June 2013.