Art & Science

GV Art, 12 March – 29 May 2010

Experiments is the first in a series of exhibitions curated by Artakt and GV Art, that brings together the work of five artists whose practice develops with close and productive collaborations with scientists. Alongside the artists’ work, scientists are invited to present a ‘piece’ or ‘object’ of their choice that relates to the artwork punctuating and bringing insight to the collaboration.

With collaborations between the artists and scientists, Annie Cattrell with Stan Cornford, Peter Cockrell and Prof Morten L Kringelbach; Andrew Carnie and Paul Broks, Chris Drury with Dr Lynn Fenstermaker and Hugh Corr, Katharine Dowson with Dr Gabriele Jordan and Anne Brodie with Simon Park the artists and scientists experiment with aspects of neurology, meteorology, optics and microbiology.

Experiments sets the scene for a longer standing collaboration between Artakt and
GV Art based on common interests broadly in the area of art & science. The collaboration will also provide a platform for Artakt and GV Art to lead in discussions and debates within the art and science spectrum through events, publications and talks held at the gallery.

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Photography Peter Kidd, courtesy of GV Art