Future Mix

Imagining the next generations through art and science

Future Mix is an artist and scientist residency at South Camden Community School focusing on transgenic research and advanced biomedical technology. The project offers young adults a fresh approach to the potentials, challenges, and questions of this cutting edge research, and explores issues including cloning, regenerative medicine and life extension through art.

Future Mix culminates in a web-artwork created by year 10 pupils at South Camden Community School, and a series of master-classes and a public lecture organised in collaboration with the Royal Institution.

The project is curated by Dr. Caterina Albano and Rowan Drury for Artakt and is developed in collaboration with scientist Dr. Chris Mason (UCL) science anthropologist Prof. Sarah Franklin (LSE), and artist Carl Stevenson.

Future Mix is funded by the Wellcome Trust (Engaging with Science Award) and the Arts Council, England

For further information please visit the Future Mix website www.futuremix.co.uk