Lens On life


20 January – 27 February 2015
Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins
1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

Curated by Marina Wallace & Ludovica Gilio

The aim of  MitoSys: The systems biology of mitosis, is to generate a comprehensive mathematical understanding of mitotic division in human cells, a process of fundamental importance for human health. It is a large integrated project involving internationally leading mathematicians, biochemists, biophysicists and biologists working at twelve universities, research institutes, international organisations and companies across Europe.

Artakt have been selected to create an innovative travelling exhibition for the European FP7 Project MitoSys.

Lens On Life is aimed at disseminating the scientific knowledge acquired during the five years of MitoSys (2010-2015). The exhibition emerges from a dialogue, established between artists and scientists, concerning one of the fundamental mechanisms of human life – mitosis. Lens On life is a project strongly rooted within the field of art and science. It offers a novel take on mitosis and human cell division through historical and contemporary references and an imaginative interpretation by the artists involved.

Through several visits to the scientific laboratories and the artists’ studios, artists and scientists established a common territory, made of images and metaphors, developing an open and enduring dialogue.

The works exhibited are the tangible result of these meetings and constitute a re-elaboration and experimentation aimed at providing a new perspective upon the processes of mitosis and meiosis. An important part of the exhibition is the documentary directed by Natasha Serlin (Bespoke Film Company), Meetings Of Minds, witnessing the various stages of the collaboration between artists and scientists.

The exhibition in London is the second of a series of three. After Rome and London, Lens On Life will travel to Heidelberg (University Museum) from 16 March to 28 April 2015.

For further information about MitoSys please download the leaflet here

To view the trailer of the documentary Meetings Of Minds please click here