Move Me On

Dance with the brain in mind

Move Me On was a dance research project that looked at relationships between the intention, meanings and emotions evoked by movements devised by choreographer, Russell Maliphant. The project used ‘think aloud’ protocol and feedback from diverse audiences to examine the emotions stirred in both performers and audiences as part of the developmental research process.

This project resulted in a series of public work-in-progress talks and workshops at the Dana Centre (Science Museum, London) hosted by Elaine Snell of the European Dana Alliance for the Brain, and the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Scientific experiments were carried out at the University of Hertfordshire with over 100 subjects and at the Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, UCL, Russell Maliphant participated in an experiment to analyse his motor-system. A commissioned documentary by filmmakers Gilbert Mccarragher and Enda Hughes was also produced to convey the essence of the project.

Curated by Professor Marina Wallace (Artakt, Central Saint Martins College) and managed Amelie von Harrach

Supported by: The Wellcome Trust and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

To listen to composition Eonnagata by Oscar Borhoquez, commissioned as part of the project, please click here.