Universal Leonardo

Various venues

2006 – 2007

An international celebration of Leonardo da Vinci’s art, science and technology

Universal Leonardo functioned as an innovative project which aimed to broaden and deepen our understanding and appreciation of Leonardo da Vinci. The project coordinated a series of linked exhibitions, some of which are informed by scientific analysis, casting fresh light on Leonardo’s work and process. With a strong commitment to international and cross disciplinary collaboration, Universal Leonardo involved leading curators, art historians, academics and scientists throughout Europe to stimulate dialogue and discovery around the Leonardo legacy. The exhibition programme began with an intense period of public activity in the Summer of 2006.

Exhibitions Programme
Providing a radical alternative to the conventional ‘blockbuster’ exhibition, Universal Leonardo tapped into the insatiable interest in Leonardo and increasing public mobility by coordinating a Europe-wide programme of parallel exhibitions. This included Experience, Experiment and Design, an exhibition of drawings and inventions curated by Martin Kemp & Thereza Wells, at the V&A, London, September 2006 – January 2007.