Womb to World

An exhibition of birth art by Olga Jurgenson, Elspeth Owen and Renee Spierdijk
Clare Hall, Cambridge. 7 May 2012 – 31 July 2011

One of the few experiences that is universal to all humans is the act of being born. It is also an event of which we have had no choice. As parents we are profoundly affected by the birth of our children. We have all experienced or heard and been moved by stories of the birth of a child. The subject of childbirth is always topical and rarely leaves the pages of the newspapers, whether for political, medical, cultural or social reasons.

This exhibition focuses on three artists who have been inspired to engage with the subject of birth in their work. Artists have chosen to focus on this subject for reasons of celebration or loss. They have used their chosen medium to portray personal stories, imagine dreams of our unborn babies and describe emotional and physical journeys.

Womb to World is linked with a series of birth related events in Cambridge and London. They include:

1)    Born Today, a series of four discussions on childbirth which will take place from March to May at Wellcome Collection London.

2)    Womb to World. A 7 May Cambridge conference organised by Dr Francoise Barbira Freedman, Dept of Social Anthropology and Fellow of Clare Hall