Art & Science

E-Catalogue with essay by Prof Marina Wallace

Published by GV Art to coincide with the exhibition of the same name at GV Art 12 March – 29 May 2010

Experiments is the first in a series of unique, exhibitions curated by Artakt with GV Art. It brings together the work of five artists whose practice develops with close and productive collaborations with scientists. In a rare opportunity for professionals of each discipline to develop a relationship with each other, the artists and scientists explore the others productive processes, investigating the mythology of ‘neat laboratory worker’ versa ‘chaotic, creative artist.’

Artist and scientist collaborations:
Anne Brodie & Simon Park
Andrew Carnie & Paul Broks
Annie Cattrell with Stan Cornford & Peter Cockrell
Chris Drury with Dr Lynn Fenstermaker & Hugh Corr
Katharine Dowson & Dr Gabriele Jordan

To view and download a copy of the online catalogue click here.