Leonardo da Vinci

Experience, Experiment, Design

Martin Kemp

Published by V&A Publications, 2006

ISBN: 10-1-85177-486-6 (hardback)
ISBN: 10-1-85177-487-4 (paperback)

This fascinating new book provides an unrivalled insight into the working of Leonardo da Vinci’s visual mind and conveys the magnificent scale of his ideas. The pages of his notebooks are unparalleled in the graphic work of any other thinker from any age and they deal with mighty inventions, great visions of the earth in age-long transformation, the mysterious governance of mathematical proportion in the design of the universe, the most detailed observations and theories of the motion of waters, meticulous reconstructions of the operation of heart valves and with the arts of peace and the science of war. Drawing on the collections of the V&A, the Royal Library Windsor, the British Library, the Bill and Melinda Gates Collection and the British Museum, extraordinary pages from his notebooks, some virtually unknown, are brought to life by large-scale models, including his flying machine and giant cross-bow.

Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the V&A between the September 2006 -
January 2007