Marina Wallace

Director of Artakt


Main editor and author of 4 chapters in Volume X, La Cultura Italiana, UTET: L’arte e il Visuale (2009/10).

Acts of Seeing: Artists, Scientists and the History of the Visual, edited by A. Kaniari & M. Wallace, Zidane Press, (2009). ISBN 97809554850–8–4

Image and truth: A history of the relationship between Art & Science (Immagine e verita: Per una storia dei rapporti fra arte e scienza), Martin Kemp, ed. Marina Wallace, il Saggiatore, (1999). ISBN 88–428–0639–0

Book Essays

‘0 to 10,000,000 by Annie Cattrell’ in Salt Bridges: Changing Perceptions of art/architecture and science – New Biochemistry Oxford, Hawkins/Brown, (2010). ISBN 978–3–7913–5026–4 / 978–3–7913–6281–6 (limited edition).

‘Through skin, flesh & bones: art, visualisation and genetics (Attraverso pelle, carne e ossa: arte, visualizzazione e genetica)’ in Effeto Terra – a cura di maria perosino, Johan Levi Editore (2010). ISBN 978–88–6010–051–1

‘The mystery of the tattered glove and the dissected knee in the anatomy lesson of Professor Roell’ in A. Kaniari and Marina Wallace ed., Acts of Seeing: Artists, Scientists and the History of the Visual, Zidane Press, (2009). ISBN 97809554850–8–4

‘Art & Science’ in Project 8, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (1998). ISBN 737–3283

Journal Articles

‘The art of making sense of life and death’ in Medical Humanities Journal, UK, n. 00 (Nov. 2009).

‘Saltbridges: fluid interactions between artists and scientists in the lab, Department of New Biochemistry, Oxford’, in  Medical Humanities Journal, UK, vol. 00 (April 2009).

‘Erotic Visions: the body exposed’ in EXIT, n.29, (Feb/Mar/Apr 2008).

Exhibition Catalogues

Relics of the Mind, Katharine Dowson, GV Art/Artakt, London (2010). ISBN 978–9563783–2–3

Purity: Bohnchang Koo, published by Raum Mit Licht, Vienna, (2009).

Of life and death no more: on the probing art of David Marron, Marina Wallace, GV Art, (2009). ISBN 978–0–9563783–0–9

Seduced: Art & Sex from Antiquity to Now, Marina Wallace, Joanne Bernstein & Martin Kemp, Merrell, (2007). ISBN 978–1–8589–4416–6

Gregor Mendel: Il genio della genetica, ed. Elena Volpato, neos edizioni, (2003). ISBN 88–87262–26–8

Head On: Art with the Brain in Mind, London: Wellcome Trust/Artakt, (2002). ISBN 0–9542416–0–6

The Genius of Genetics: A Celebration of Gregor Mendel through Art and Science, Brno: Mendel Museum, (2002). ISBN 3–9501590–0–2

Public Private Perceptions, Elena Cologni, Marina Wallace, Malcolm Le Grice, Elio Grazioli, ed. Elena Cologni, Galleria Neon, (2002).

Spectacular Bodies: The art & science of the human body from Leonardo to now, Marina Wallace & Martin Kemp, Hayward Gallery & University of California Press, (2000) (Currently out of print). ISBN 1 85332214 8 / 0 520 22792 1

From Within (Dall’Interno), Paolo Cecchetto and Marina Wallace, Juliet Editrice, Trieste, (1999). ISBN 1 993929 13 3

Project 8, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, (1998). ISBN 737–3283


‘Drawing as brain storming: Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment, Design’, paper for Drawing Out Conference, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, May 2010

‘Islamic culture: its place in Europe, past and present’, paper for Symposium at Turkish Chamber and the Staatliche Kunstammlungen, Dresden, 4-7 March 2010

TV & Radio

‘Experiments’, panel discussion, Resonance FM, (21 April 2010).

‘A History of the brain’, In our time, Melvin Bragg, Radio 4, (May 2009).

Boards etc

Board Member of Hangar Bicocca Contemporary Art Space, Milan
Advisory Panel of National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington (NMWAW)
Member of selection panel of Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea
Arts Editor of Medical Humanities (BMJ), London
Invited to deliver keynote lecture at Art&Science Conference EMPAC, USA
Chair of sessions at DANA Science Museum with Neuroscientists