Thereza Wells

Senior Researcher/Curator


‘The Madonna of the Yarnwinder. A Historical and Scientific Quest’, T. Wells & Martin Kemp, Zidane Press, (2011).

‘Leonardo da Vinci Notebooks’, Edited by T. Wells, Oxford World’s Classics, Oxford University Press (2008).

Book essays & chapters

Co-author of two chapters on Italian culture and conservation for a ten volume publication of Italian culture. UTET de Agostini, Grandi Opere. 2010

Exhibition catalogues

‘Leonardo da Vinci. The Mystery of the Madonna of the Yarnwinder’, with Martin Kemp, National Gallery of Scotland, (1992).


‘Leonardo da Vinci as a paradigm for modern clinical research’, With F.C. Wells, The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, vol 127, no., pp. 929-944 (2004)


Contributor to website,, (2007)